Lucent Power


Features :

  • Power Saving (High Efficiency >= 90%)
  • Much Less Process Time Needed
  • Low Ripple at All Output Current
  • Special Treatment in Corrosive Factory
  • Digital Stability to Load Variation
  • Long Time High Control Accuracy (>=0.5%)
  • RS485 Communication Optional
  • Amperehour For Dosing System Control
  • Timer Function For Automatic Running
  • Resolution 1A and 0.1A
  • Accurate Output Calue Setting
  • Circuit Board are Anti Corrosion Treated, Screws are Stainless Steel Material


Functions :

  • Constant Current, Constant Voltage Setting
  • Local, Remote Control Setting
  • Output Current Or Voltage Setting
  • Time Setting
  • Amperehour Control For Dosing Sysytem (Optional)
  • Timer Reset
  • Amperehour Reset
  • Start / Stop
  • Rectifier Stop Delay Time Setting
  • Protection Shield Function
  • DC Output Voltage, Current, Display
  • Rectifier Running Status Display
  • Alarm Indication and Sound
  • Keep Last Time Setting Mode and Output Value When Power-on Again
  • In Case of Power Failure, after Power Resuming, the Revtifier Could Switch on Automation and Start Rising up To Set Curren
  • Alarm Type : Audible and Visual Alarm
Rectifier Type IGBT High Frequency Rectifier, Modular Structure
Working Duty 100% 24 Hours Continuous Running
Supply Voltage 415W AC +-10%3 Phase 3 Wire, 50-60Hz
Rated Output Voltage DC 8V, 12V
Rated Output Current DC 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 Amp
Output Range 0-100%
Control Accuracy <=0.5%
Power Factor >=0.94
Efficiency Typical 90% at Rated Output
Current Ripple >=2% of Rated Output Current at Constant Current Mode,Low Ripple in Whole Range Provide Good Plating Quality
Control Mode Constant Current / Constant Voltage
Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Protections Output Overcurrent Protection Short Circuit Protection Over Heat Protection Input Over/Under Voltage Protection IGBT Driving Protection
Ambient Temperature Max 400, Derated Operating Up to 5011
Altitude <=2000m Altitude. 3De-rated Operation if Higher
Humidity Max 90% RH, Non-Condensing