Lucent Power


LUCENT offers the largest selection of power management and protection solutions available in the industry. From the desktop to the data center, from AC-powered to DCpowered equipment, LUCENT is your one-stop partner for all your power needs. The advance IGBT inverter, coupled with an isolation transformer, enhances the reliability and load adaptability. This unique construction for input and output isolation provides the advantages of noise rejection as well as clean and safe neutral line to the load.


Features :

  • Fully Digital Signal Processing Using the Latest DSP Technology
  • IGBT Rectifier so High Input Power Factor
  • Dynamic Bypass With Eco Mode
  • Remote Management
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Compatible With Engine Genertor
  • High Reliability For Maximum System Availability
  • Handles 3 : Crest Factor Loads
  • Intelligent Battery Management
  • Large LCD Display and Mimic Panel for Real-Time Information
  • Output Isolation Between UPS and Critical Load
  • Low Electro-Magnetic Interference
  • Complies With International Safety Standard
Capacity kVA 3kVA 5kVA 7.5kVA 10kVA
WATT 2.7kW 4.5kW 6.75kW 9kW
TYPE Low Freq Uency Transfrom Based True On Line Double Conversion
Input Phase Single Phase
Input PF 0.9(Standard) / 1(Customized)
Input Voltage Range 230VAC +- 25%
Input Frequency 50Hz +- 10%
Input Ripple <5%
Soft Start 0~100%5 Second
Output Nominal Voltage 220V/230V/240V AC, 1P+N
Output Voltage Regulation +-1% For Linear & Non Linear Load
Output Frequency 50Hz +- 0.5%
Vrest Factor >3:1
Output THD Lineaar Load < 3%, Non-Linear Load < 5%
Dynamic Characteristics Instant Voltage < +5% (From 0 to 100%), Recover Time < 10ms
Overload Capacity At 115% Load Normal Work, 125% Load 10 Minute 150% Load 1 Minute, 200% Load 1 second
Incerter Efficiency More Than 93% (Full Load)
Battery Nominal DC Voltage 96V DC 180V DC 180V DC 180V DC
Charging Current 2-10 Amp Settable
Low Voltage Alarm 84 158 158 158
Low Voltage Trip 80 150 150 150
High Voltage Trip 116 218 218 218
Bypass Phase Single Phase (P+N)
Manual Maintenance Bypass Switch Provided
Static No Break
Protection Input Protection Input Voltage,Frequency Under/Over Limit Protection
Output Protection Over Current, Shot-Circuit, Over/Under Voltage
Battery Protection Over Charge, Over-Discharge Protection
Temperature Protection Inverter Over Temperature Protection
General Parameters Working Environment Temp : 10-55’c, Relative Humidity : 30%-90%
Communication Interface RS232/RS485, Optional Dry Contact, SNMP Card (For Remote Control Via Internet)
Parellel Operation Hot Stand By
Protection Level IP21
Safety Performance V in -n, V out -n 2000Vac, Creepage<10mA, Insulating Resistance > 2 MΩ (5 V DC)
Noise (db) 50-55 55-60
Dimension WxHxD (mm) 345x565x610 390x680x680
Weight (kg) 55 66 91 100