Lucent Power


Features :

  • Specially Designed High Performence Controller Based Control Circuit For Ultra High Reliability.
  • All Parameter Like O/P V,I/P V, High, Low Cut-off, Time Delay, Overload, set by Front Control
  • high Efficiency > 98%
  • Fast Correction Speed Up to 60V/sec. Variable Speed Servo Motor and Proportional Control Circuit Provide a Response time of 10msec to Correct Voltage Fluctuations Without Noise or Oscillations in Output.
  • Accuracy +-1% From no Load to Full Load
  • Auto/Manual Operation Facility
  • Plug and Play Single Control Card for Easy Servicebility
  • reduced Power Loss and Resultant Lower Running Cost Yield Higher Cost Savings and Help the Customer Recover the Cost Difference in Few Months


Capacity6kVA to 100kVA Air Cooled (Three Phase)
50kVA to 2000kVA Oil Cooled (Three Phase)
Input Voltage Range300-460V, 340-480V, 3360-460V &
340-470V AC 3-Phase 50Hz Phase to Phase
System4 Wire
Input Frequency47 to 53 Hz
Output Voltage Adjustable380 to 415V AC
Speed of CorrectionUp to 60V/Sec
Output Voltage Regulation+-1% (No Load)
Ambient Temperature0 to 550C
Overload Capacity1.2
waveform DistortionTrue Reproduction of Input
InsulationClass F
Short Circuit Period & Percentage300% for 250 msec
Climate Condition90% Rh Max. Non Condensing at 500C
Type of CoolingNatural Air Cooled Up tp 1000kVA
and Oil Cooled up to 2000kVA
Mode of SystemFully Automatic / Manual
ProtectionLow Voltage Protection, High Voltage Protection
and Single Phasing Prevention Through Contactor
at O/P, Overload Protection, Shor-Circuit Protectionand Power On/Off pf SCVS Through MCB/MCCB at Input
Optional FeaturesBypass Switch at Input to Bypass the Equipment in Case of Emergency

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