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Static Voltage Stabilizer is an IGBT based PWM type buckboost voltage stabilizer which has tight regulation and fast correction speed which is impossible to obtain using conventional methods such as servo voltage stabilizers, SCR / triac type stabilizer, relay type stabilizer etc.

This is specially useful in places where we need very fast correction speed, constant output voltage, overload current limiting and short circuit protection, soft start, high voltage cut-off and low voltage cut-off, automatic bypass, no wear and tear, long life and maintenance free which is impossible with other conventional relay type or servo control stabilizers.

Since the circuit is fully solid state (no mechanical or moving parts) there will not be any wear and tear like the brush tear in servo stabilizer or relay degrading in relay based stabilizer.


Features :

  • Direct AC-AC Conversion Without Rectifire to DC Improves the Efficiency Reliability and Reduces the Components.
  • Rapid Cycle by Cycle Correction of Output It Can Correct Sudden Fluctuation in The Line Voltage.
  • Output Regulation of +/-1% Which is Impossible in Conventional Stabilizer.
  • No Distortion in Output Waveform.
  • Automatic Bypass Incase of Failure.
  • Compact Size Light Weight.
  • 20KHz PWM Control.
  • IGBT Power Stage. Highly Reliable.
  • Fully Solid State. No Moving Part, Hence More Life and No Maintenance.
  • Silent Operation.

Highlights :

  • Instantaneous Correction Speed – Over 20000V per Second
  • Discrete IGBT up to 30KVA Single Phase and 90KVA Three Phase
  • Single PCB for Control Stage, IGBT Driver Section and Power Stage.
  • Single Contactor For Three Phase System
  • indivudual Contactor or Three Phase System (Optional)
  • Single LCD for Three Phase
  • All Protection Included – Low Voltage, High Voltage, Overload and Short Circuit
Electrical Capacity 11kVA to 30kVA (1-Phase)
10kVA to 200kVA (3-Phase)
Regulator High Frequency20k Hz IGBT Driven Voltage Regulation Converter
Input Nominal Voltage Range 180V – 280V (1-Phase)
340V – 480V (3-Phase)
Frequency 47 – 52 Hz
Output Nominal Voltage 220/230/240V (1-Phase)
380/400/415V (3-Phase)
Efficiency Over 97%
Regulation +/- 1%
Rate of Correction >20000V/Sec
Indication Display Input Voltage, Output Voltage and Load Percentage
Environmental Temperature 0′ to +55’C
Coolin Medium Air Cooled
Protective Features OV/UV Cutoff Automatic Trip in Event of High / Low/ Missing Voltage, Auto Reset
Overload and Short-Circuit Protection Through Suitable rated Input CB and Output Through Contactor
Soft Switch On This Feature Ensure that Output Voltage Never Higher Than Input
Voltage Upon Switch-on, Before it Commerces Full Stabilization
Automatic Bypass Automatic Bypass will Activated When there is a Fault Condition
Surge Protections By Input and Output Filter Card